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Amorphous /Nanocrystalline alloy ribbon
cut cores
Nanocrystalline alloy cores
Silicon Steel Core


fe-base amorphous cut corte
soft magnetic core silicon steel Rectangular core transformer cores
Fe-base amorphous C core transformer cores low loss high quality
Current transformer cores
China amorphous ribbon width80mm 1k101
China amorphous ribbon width3mm 1k101
Nanocrystalline ribbon material 1k107B width 40mm 1k107B
Nanocrystalline ribbon material 1K107 15mm 1k107
Amorphous metal ribbon 30um Thickness 1K101
China Amorphous ribbon for amorphous core 30um Thickness 1K101
23um Nanocrystalline Ribbon 1K107B
33um Nanocrystalline Ribbon 1k107
Amorphous Cut core C120
Amorphous Cut core C70
Amorphous wound cut core C-160
Amorphous E core three phase amorphous core
Nanocrystalline core of current transformer core
Nanocrystalline core with epoxy coating
Nanocrystalline Precision Current Transformer Toroidal Core
23um Nanocrystalline Ribbon 1K107B
Nanocrystalline Cores for Wind Power Generator
Nanocrystalline core for Common mode choke
Nanocrsytalline split core
Nanocrsytalline split core
Common mode choke core with nanocrystalline material for EMC solution
Nanocrystalline core of Instrument current transformer core
Nanocrystalline core with Stainless steel case
Silicon steel toroidal core
Silicon steel Current sensor core
Silicon steel toroidal core
Silicon steel cutting core
Nanocrystalline tape wound toroidal core
Nanocrystalline strip 1k107B 15mm 1k107
Nanocrystalline core inductor coil
Amorphous stack core ( wound core)
Amorphous Cut core C120
Nanocrystalline tape wound toroidal core 0.2s class
Instrument current transformer core 80*50*35

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Tiě jī héjīn báo dài duō cì děngwēn huí huǒ tèxìng de yánjiū 17/5000 Study on multiple isothermal tempering characteristics of iron-based alloy ribbons
Characteristics and preparation technology of nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy materials
The role of soft magnetic shielding materials in wireless charging

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